Crown Packaging Stocks Up on Stretch Wrappers to Mitigate Long Lead Times

In order to keep up with shipping demands amid labor shortages, many organizations plan to introduce packaging automation technology to maximize efficiency and do more with less.

Automating the pallet wrapping process is a common upgrade as stretch wrapping machines deliver a cost-effective way to streamline end-of-line packaging workflows and accelerate output. 

However, with lead times on equipment exceeding eight weeks in many cases, organizations are missing opportunities to boost productivity when they need it the most – during peak shipping season – because they can’t get the necessary equipment.

The consequence is potentially even more significant for businesses relying on aging machinery at risk of failure.  “Imagine this scenario,” shared Steve Berman, Equipment Program Manager at Crown Packaging Corp. “It’s right in the thick of peak season, and your plant manager runs to your office in a panic.  They’re letting you know your stretch wrapper is down, and there are half a dozen semi-trucks lined up at the docks waiting to be loaded.  With current lead times on new wrappers running upwards of eight weeks or more, and an already understaffed workforce, you can’t afford to wait or take someone off the line to hand-wrap for two months!  What do you do?”

To support businesses struggling with both of these situations, Crown Packaging has invested in an inventory of in-stock stretch wrappers to eliminate lengthy lead times and deliver the equipment they require as quickly as possible.

“We understand the impact that spikes in volume, machine downtime, and long lead times have on your business,” said Crown Packaging Corp.’s Vice President, Rich Benkelman.  “Our stock stretch wrapper program is part of our commitment to supporting our customers and helping them overcome their packaging challenges.”

Crown Packaging is offering brand new, state-of-the-art stretch wrapping machinery, including popular models like Robopac’s ROTOPLAT 708 and Robot S7, which are ready to ship immediately.

“Organizations depend on us to deliver the packaging products they need to operate,” shared Benkelman.  “Now with our stock of stretch wrappers, you can get the machinery you need when you need it.”

Contact Crown Packaging, and ask about their in-stock equipment inventory today.

Note: Inventory levels and availability are subject to market demand.