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Crown Packaging Automation Crown Packaging Corp. is a top supplier of packaging equipment & automated technology, providing the best machines from leading manufacturers. 

Let our team of experts help you design, implement, and maintain your packaging systems.

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Crown Packaging has the packaging equipment and machinery you need and the services to install it and automate your packaging operation.

From case formers and case sealers to bagging equipment.  From stretch wrappers and strapping machines to shrink film equipment and protective packaging systems.  From printing, labeling, and scanning to conveyance and even advanced robotics. 

Automate Your Packaging Process with New Equipment

We provide both the equipment and the expertise to help you streamline your operations with specialized machinery.

Upgrade Your Operation with New Packaging Machinery

Crown’s team of equipment specialists can help you optimize your existing machines and expand your automation capabilities.  Our customers benefit from: 

Packaging Equipment Services

Customized Integrated Solutions

As a full-service packaging distributor, we are more than machines and supplies. We have the experience and expertise to improve your efficiency and quality while reducing your cost.

Equipment Division

We connect you with the right machinery for your packaging and shipping needs.  Our on-staff team of automation experts can help you find the best machine based on your unique requirements.

Labeling and Marking Division

Crown Labeling Systems has been providing labeling solutions for more than 30 years. With a reputation for integrity, innovation and value, Crown consistently delivers the highest quality products and services.

Our Suppliers are Your Suppliers

As a customer of Crown Packaging Corp., we give you access to the best packaging machinery from the industry’s top manufacturers.  

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Explore Types of Packaging Equipment

We provide case formers, tray formers, and other cartoning equipment to simplify the production of boxes.  Plus, we’ll connect you with the right corrugated for the application.

Switch to automated case packing with specialized equipment that can streamline the task, reducing manual error and accelerating production.

No need to tape boxes by hand.  We’ll help you select the right carton sealer along with the best tape to complement it.

Streamline your packaging process with high-speed bagging equipment.  We provide different styles of baggers, including table-top machines, with options for both semi-automatic and automatic bagging.

Crown offers a variety of shrink wrap and shrink bundling systems from leading manufacturers along with the films you need for your operation. 

Whether you want semi-automatic stretch wrappers or fully automated bundling equipment and robotic wrappers, Crown can help you upgrade your palletization and bundling process with the best equipment.

Crown offers paper converters in different styles which allow you to turn 100% recyclable kraft paper into packaging material for void fill and wrapping. 

 Paper void fill systems provide a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to other less sustainable packaging options.

No matter what type of protective packaging you need, Crown has a solution for your application.

From inflatable air pillow systems to foam-in-place equipment, we have you covered. Crown also offers corrugated, bubble wrap, and foam in sheets and rolls in an assortment of sizes. 

We supply strapping and banding equipment to streamline your bundling process, not the mention the strapping itself.  

We offer a broad range of types and sizes of strapping machinery based on your application and the style of strapping required.

Accelerate labeling with advanced labeling systems including print and apply applicators and prime labeling systems.

Improve production workflow and increase efficiency by allowing your staff to scan barcodes and complete tasks on the go with mobile computers and scanners.

Implement an RFID tracking system to deliver precise locationing for orders and track the status of packages for kitting and shipping.

Packaging Robot Arm
Robots & Co-Bots

Crown Packaging has experience implementing fully automated packaging systems with robots, co-bots, robotic arms, palletizers, and other advanced machinery.

AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle

Want to implement AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) in your packaging and shipping process?  We can help.  Streamline load transportation in your facility with computer-controlled carriers.

Conveyance & Material Handling Systems

Upgrade your conveyance system with Crown. We not only help you find the right conveyors for your environment, we’ll help you implement them quickly and correctly. 

Packaging Equipment FaQs

Common types of packaging machinery include case formers to create boxes on demand, case sealers that tape or seal boxes, and stretch wrappers which are used to wrap palletized loads with stretch film. 

Packaging machines play an important role in streamlining a business’ packing and shipping workflows.  Compared to manual labor, packaging machines deliver higher throughput and quality allowing organizations to boost productivity while reducing labor expenses.  Plus, some types of machinery produce unique types of packaging materials that are only possible through specialized equipment.

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