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Crown has the experience and expertise to help improve your packing and shipping workflow through packaging automation technologies.

Add new machinery and optimize existing systems with the help of our on-staff engineering team.

Choose Crown Packaging as your partner for automation and take your operation to the next level.

Packaging Supplies and Equipment

What is Packaging Automation?

Packaging automation is the process of identifying opportunities for improvement in a packaging production line or distribution center and replacing inefficient, error-prone, or unsafe manual labor with specialized machinery that is better suited for the task.

No matter whatever level of automation your company has today, we can help you take your operation to the next level.

Why Automate Your Packaging Process?

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All-in-One Packaging Automation Solutions

Crown Packaging offers everything you need for your packaging and shipping automation projects, from the equipment to the services to install it as well as the materials and supplies required for production.

From Consultation to Implementation to Maintenance

What makes Crown Packaging unique is our team of packaging specialists and engineers who can help you find the right equipment for your application.

Packaging Consultation Services
Automation Consultation

Consider our systems engineers and packaging specialists as resources to help you plan your automation project.  Take advantage of our expertise to help you find the right machinery for the job.

CAD - Packaging System - web
System Design & CAD Drawing

Our team of equipment engineers can help you plan your system upgrade and produce renders to allow you to visualize the new workflow and floorplan before implementation.

Equipment Inspection
Implementation Services

Simplify your system upgrade by with Crown’s implementation services.  We’ll provide project managers, technicians, and additional support staff to make sure new equipment is installed quickly and correctly.

Equipment Maintenance Repair
Equipment Maintenance

Our quality service doesn’t stop at implementation.  Leverage our regional service technicians to keep your equipment running smoothly via regular maintenance checks and tune-ups.

Customer Success Story

Leading Manufacturer Optimizes Packaging Systems to Increase Production

Schleich USA increased efficiency and expanded production capabilities by implementing new packaging equipment with the help of Crown Packaging.  

Solutions for Every Stage of Automation

We’ve found that every company with a packaging and shipping workflow, regardless of size, industry, or technological maturity, can benefit from some level of automation.  

That’s why we tailor our solutions to match your business unique requirements.

Complete Packaging Automation

For organizations that are committed to implementing fully automated systems, Crown Packaging is the perfect choice to help you meet your goals. 

We have experience implementing sophisticated, fully automated packaging systems including advanced conveyance, robotics, AGVs, and more.

Systems Integration

At Crown, our in-house full-time Applications and Sales Engineers will help you plan for the future, and tackle the challenges of today. Need to increase throughput, handle peak, or overcome labor and personnel shortages?

Call one of our Equipment Specialists to start the process of helping you navigate the progression of automating manual processes or adapt to surges in your business.

Packaging Machine Upgrades

Has it been 5-10+ years since your company has reviewed its packaging lines? Have improvements in technology and robotics made high-end automation more attainable? Are you looking for experienced project management to help integrate new hardware into an otherwise operational process? 

Crown has the know-how and OEM partners to merge new advancements in automation into existing processes, that may need slight modernization.

Entry-Level Automation

Most businesses want to fully-automate, but may not have the capital or certainty of the future to make such a substantial investment. 

At Crown, we do not require a minimum business size to start a conversation. Some of our best customers started off only wanting us to help solve a small problem; these customers call us as they grow, since we helped them when they were small.

System Optimization

Does your system need a tune-up?  There are many small changes that can make a big impact on your operation. 

From performing maintenance on your equipment to switching to better materials to reconfiguring your space to maximize efficiency, our specialists can help you get the most out of your equipment.

Featured Packaging Automation Technology

Whether your organization is just getting started with automation or upgrading your existing machinery, Crown has the packaging equipment you need.

Packaging Robot Arm
Robots & Co-Bots

Crown Packaging has experience implementing fully automated packaging systems with robots, co-bots, robotic arms, palletizers, and other advanced machinery.

AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle

Want to implement AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) in your packaging and shipping process?  We can help.  Streamline load transportation in your facility with computer-controlled carriers.

Conveyance & Material Handling Systems

Upgrade your conveyance system with Crown. We not only help you find the right conveyors for your environment, we’ll help you implement them quickly and correctly. 

Case Erectors and Case Formers

We provide case formers, tray formers, and other cartoning equipment to simplify the production of boxes.  Plus, we’ll connect you with the right corrugated for the application.

Case Packing

Switch to automated case packing with specialized equipment that can streamline the task, reducing manual error and accelerating production.

No need to tape boxes by hand.  We’ll help you select the right carton sealer along with the best tape to complement it.

Bagging Equipment

Streamline your packaging process with high-speed bagging equipment.  We provide different styles of baggers, including table-top machines, with options for both semi-automatic and automatic bagging.

Shrink Wrap Equipment

Crown offers a variety of shrink wrap and shrink bundling systems from leading manufacturers along with the films you need for your operation. 

Stretch Wrapper

Whether you want semi-automatic stretch wrappers or fully automated bundling equipment and robotic wrappers, Crown can help you upgrade your palletization and bundling process with the best equipment.

Ranpak FillPak

Crown offers paper converters in different styles which allow you to turn 100% recyclable kraft paper into packaging material for void fill and wrapping. 

 Paper void fill systems provide a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to other less sustainable packaging options.

Protective Packaging System - Air Pillow

No matter what type of protective packaging you need, Crown has a solution for your application.

From inflatable air pillow systems to foam-in-place equipment, we have you covered. Crown also offers corrugated, bubble wrap, and foam in sheets and rolls in an assortment of sizes. 

Strapping Equipment

We supply strapping and banding equipment to streamline your bundling process, not the mention the strapping itself.  

We offer a broad range of types and sizes of strapping machinery based on your application and the style of strapping required.

Labeling Systems

Accelerate labeling with advanced labeling systems including print and apply applicators and prime labeling systems.

Zebra Handheld Computer

Improve production workflow and increase efficiency by allowing your staff to scan barcodes and complete tasks on the go with mobile computers and scanners.

RFID Tracking

Implement an RFID tracking system to deliver precise locationing for orders and track the status of packages for kitting and shipping.

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The Best Equipment from Top Manufacturers

Crown gives you access to equipment from the industry’s leading machinery manufacturers.  We’re vendor-neutral and take pride in helping you find the best equipment for your application.

Featured Packaging Equipment Manufacturers

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