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Single-Source Distributor for Packaging Supplies & Equipment

Crown Packaging Corp. is recognized as one of the top packaging distributors in North America, providing packaging materials and machinery from hundreds of manufacturers.

In addition to distributing packaging products, Crown delivers premium services to help your company improve its packaging operation.

Leading Distributor of Packaging Supplies & Equipment

We have offer thousands of products including common packaging supplies like boxes, bags, tape, stretch film, and more along with equipment to automate your packaging process including case sealers, stretch wrapping machinery, labeling systems, and many other types of packaging automation technology.

Expertise & Experience | Find the Best Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Crown Packaging - Customer Support Founded in 1969, Crown Packaging Corp. has been one of the industry’s premier packaging distributors for over 50 years.  

We take pride in helping our customers solve packaging challenges and delivering superior service.  

Crown offers onsite customer support and consultation through our team of knowledgeable packaging specialists.  We have dedicated staff at 50+ locations across the US, Mexico, and Canada who can help you find the best packaging to meet your requirements.

What Customers Appreciate about Crown Packaging

One Source for all your Packaging Needs

Simplify procurement by purchasing supplies and equipment from the industry’s best manufacturers through Crown Packaging.  

We’ll help you find the best products and machinery from our extensive network of supplier partners. 

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Why Choose Crown as your Packaging Supplier

150K+ Packaging Products Available

Simplified Packaging Procurement

Fast, Reliable Delivery

Industry Expertise & On-Staff Specialists

50+ Locations Across North America

Local Warehousing

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We provide a wide range of packaging materials and machinery.  Visit our Packaging Products page to explore consumables like boxes, bags, tape, film, and more.  Visit our Packaging Equipment page to view machines like stretch wrappers, case sealers, and other types of packaging automation technology.

We are a preferred packaging supplier for thousands of organizations in many different industries.  Crown Packaging supports companies of all sizes from small businesses just beginning to scale up their packaging operation to the world’s largest retailers, logistics companies, and manufacturers.

Best-in-Class Packaging Supplier & More

Our customers view Crown as more than a packaging distributor.  We’re their packaging partner.  And we hope you choose Crown as your packaging partner as well.

We’re here to supply the packaging products, shipping supplies, and equipment you need to run your business, plus provide you with the services, guidance, and support to take your operations to the next level.