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Crown Packaging is proud to have helped thousands of manufacturers improve their packaging process.

Whether you want to increase your automation capabilities or decrease costs, expand your operation or minimize your carbon footprint, Crown has a solution for you.

Find out why top manufacturers choose Crown as their partner in packaging.

Packaging Supplies and Equipment

Solving Common Manufacturing Packaging Challenges

All-in-One Packaging Solutions

Crown Packaging bundles supplies, equipment, and services to develop a custom solution based on your organizations’ specific requirements. 

Featured Packaging Services for Manufacturers

Automation Consulting

Many manufacturing companies are embracing new technologies to help boost efficiency and output.

Contact Crown to learn how other manufacturers have improved their packaging process and get guidance about the right equipment for your business.

Vibration and Drop Test
Load Containment & Packaging Quality Testing

Prevent avoidable product damage by testing the integrity of your packaging using our packaging testing lab.

We’ll analyze your current packaging with drop tests, vibration tests, and other assessments to identify risk factors.

Custom Packaging
Custom Corrugated Design

When standard packaging options don’t meet your needs, Crown can develop custom packaging to give your product the presentation and protection that you require.  

Our team of corrugated design specialists can prototype and test packaging tailor-made to fit your product and reduce product damage.

Packaging Warehouse
Inventory Managment & Warehousing

Crown offers packaging inventory management, providing you with just-in-time (JIT) delivery of packaging supplies stored in our warehouses across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

We’ll make sure you have the packaging supplies you need, when you need them.

Kitting Services

Use our kitting services to simplify your packaging workflow.  Crown’s kitting services allow for faster packaging processes by eliminating assembly steps while reducing overhead and storage expenses.

System Design & CAD Drawing

Our team of equipment engineers can help you plan your system upgrade and produce renders to allow you to visualize the new workflow and floorplan before implementation.

Implementation Services

Simplify your system upgrade by with Crown’s implementation services.  We’ll provide project managers, technicians, and additional support staff to make sure new equipment is installed quickly and correctly.

Equipment Maintenance

Our quality service doesn’t stop at implementation.  Leverage our regional service technicians to keep your equipment running smoothly via regular maintenance checks and tune-ups.

Continuous Cost Monitoring & Improvement

Crown’s innovative Impact technology platform gives you visibility into packaging operation and allows you to track your materials spend and savings in real-time.

Packaging Materials Consulting

Find the right supplies for your specific application.  Our knowledgeable staff will help ensure you have the best materials at the best price.

Sustainable Packaging Consultation

For manufacturers with sustainability goals, Crown is your source for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging options that align with your green initatives.

Local on-Site Support

You have a partner in packaging with Crown.  Our network of packaging specialists across North America are there to support you with on-site service when you need it.  

Customer Success Story

Leading Manufacturer Optimizes Packaging Systems to Increase Production

Schleich USA increased efficiency and expanded production capabilities by implementing new packaging equipment with the help of Crown Packaging.  

Featured Packaging Machinery for Manufacturing companies

Whether your organization is just getting started with automation or upgrading your existing machinery, Crown has the packaging equipment you need.

case sealer
Carton Erectors & Case Sealers

Our packaging specialists provide better solutions by considering all of your needs holistically. 

We can help you select the right carton erector along with the best corrugated materials for your boxes, the best tape to seal them, and the best case sealer to automate the taping process.

Paper Void Fill Systems

Crown offers paper converters in different styles which allow you to turn 100% recyclable kraft paper into packaging material for void fill and wrapping. 

 Paper void fill systems provide a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to other less sustainable packaging options.

Protective Packaging Systems

No matter what type of protective packaging you need, Crown has a solution for your application.

From inflatable air pillow systems to foam-in-place equipment, we have you covered. Crown also offers corrugated, bubble wrap, and foam in sheets and rolls in an assortment of sizes. 

Bagging Systems

Streamline your packaging process with high-speed bagging equipment.  We provide different styles of baggers, including table-top machines, with options for both semi-automatic and automatic bagging.

Packaging Equipment - Stretch Wrapper
Stretch Wrappers

Whether you want semi-automatic stretch wrappers or fully automated bundling equipment and robotic wrappers, Crown can help you upgrade your palletization process with the best equipment.

Conveyance Systems

Upgrade your conveyance system with Crown. We not only help you find the right conveyors for your environment, we’ll help you implement them quickly and correctly. 

Mobile Computer
Mobile Computers

Improve production workflow and increase efficiency by allowing your staff to scan barcodes and complete tasks on the go with mobile computers and scanners.

Featured Packaging supplies for Manufacturing companies

Crown is a one-stop shop for all your packaging supply needs.  We partner with the industry’s best packaging manufacturers to give you access to the thousands of items and innovative products.  

Packaging - Boxes
Boxes & Cartons

From regular slotted cartons to full overlap & panel folder style boxes and much more, we are your source for corrugated containers.

Assorted Bags
Poly Bags

Flat, gusseted, wicketed, on a roll, perforated – whatever style of industrial bag you need, we have you covered.

Industrial Tapes

Contact Crown when you need tape whether it’s CST (carton sealing tape), WAT, filament, duct, or specialty tapes.

Void Fill

Along with Ranpak machinery, we provide the consumables necessary for recyclable paper void fill systems.

Specialty Labels

Crown carries all types of labels from standard 4×6 sheets to UL-certified styles, aggressive adhesive labels, custom solutions, and more.

Strapping & Stretch Films

Crown can help find the right strapping and stretch film at the right gauge for your application.

Pallets & crates

We have the palletization supplies you need for bundling, from wood, plastic, or corrugated pallets, edge protection, crates, and more.

Bundling Shrink Film

Reduce product damage from shifts with high-quality poly shrink films designed for bundling.

VCI Films & Bags

When packaging parts with metal, use specialized packaging supplies with VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) to prevent corrosion from exposure to moisture.

Your Source for Industrial Packaging

Contact Crown to discuss how ways we can assist in reducing product damage, accelerating production, and improving the quality of your packaging.