Crown Packaging Featured in the 2022 Packaging Strategies Executive Forecast

Crown Packaging’s Vice President Shares Predictions and Insights


BNP Media’s annual Executive Forecast article, which appears in both Packaging Strategies and Flexible Packaging magazines, features predictions from industry leaders about the year to come.

As a top provider of packaging materials and equipment across a wide range of product categories and with customers in many different market segments, Crown Packaging Corp. has unique perspective on the state of packaging.

Crown’s Vice President, Rich Benkelman, was invited to share his perspectives and predictions for 2022 along with a panel of executives from other market-leading companies.

A major focus of this year’s report was the continuation of trends that began in 2020 and 2021 that will likely extend their impact on packaging operations in the near-term.

Panelists discussed the prolonged impact of COVID and supply shortages on operations, financial pressure in light of rising prices, and increases in demand in the e-commerce sector.

When asked about which trends will be considered the “new normal”, Benkelman highlighted how the rise in demand for e-commerce packaging will likely continue.

“There’s been a high level of volume in the business-to-consumer space,” Benkelman shared. “Everyone probably experienced more packages being delivered to their homes because online ordering volumes have increased due to COVID. We predict demand for e-commerce packaging will remain high due to the convenience of online ordering consumers have come to expect.”

Sustainability, recyclability, and material waste reduction were also hot topics. “One of the trends that seems to be more popular than ever is sustainability,” Benkelman said.  “Reduce, reuse and recycle is an important theme for Crown Packaging, as reducing material usage is a specialty of ours.”

Benkelman shared how Crown Packaging helps companies not only decrease waste but decrease costs.  “With our 200 sales reps nationwide, we can provide onsite expertise to help reduce material usage at every stage of the packaging process. This accomplishes two important issues for the customer. One is to reduce the waste for the environment while reducing the overall cost of each package.”

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