Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

On-Site INventory Checks

Simplify Procurement & Eliminate Supply Challenges

Ensure proper inventory levels through regular, on-site supply checks performed by your Crown Packaging representative.

Crown Packaging VMI Program BEnefits

  • Ensure essential packaging products are always on hand
  • Prevent avoidable operational delays caused by supply shortages
  • Eliminate rush shipping expenses
  • Maximize valuable floor space through just-in-time supply deliveries
  • Accelerate procurement through specified stocking levels and reorder points

“Our Crown Packaging rep is fantastic.  It’s like having my own employee here for packaging”.

Adam D. | Vice President

Leverage our VMI service to enhance your packaging operation.  

Request a meeting with your local Crown Packaging representative today to get started.

VMI | Vendor Managed Inventory