Reduce Costs, Simplify Processes

A leading retailer turned to Crown Packaging to help eliminate costs and simplify their packaging operation.  After analyzing their workflow, Crown Packaging’s specialists suggested implementing multi-depth boxes which reduced the number of SKUs required, resulting in a significant reduction in material costs and storage expenses.​

Better Inventory Management

A top pharmaceutical producer reduced delays and costs by taking advantage of Crown Packaging’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) program in which a company’s packing & shipping supplies are stored in regional warehouses for fast delivery.  A dedicated support specialist tracks supply usage to maintain proper inventory levels.​

Track Spend and Savings

A leading industrial manufacturer relies on Crown Packaging to not only deliver the supplies they need, but the business insights.  With Crown’s innovative technology tools, the company gets real-time, customized reports that track material usage, spend, and savings opportunities across the enterprise.​

Superior Service & Customer Support

A leading brand of packaged foods relies on Crown Packaging to keep their shipping operation running at peak performance.  Along with providing essential materials, including stretch film, tape, corner board, and strapping, Crown Packaging helps the company get the most out of its equipment through regular systems checks from a service technician.