Custom Corrugated Design Services

Corrugated design Specialists

Crown creates custom packaging tailored for your product.

When standard boxes don’t do the job, Crown Packaging has specialized staff and equipment to develop a custom corrugated solution that’s a perfect fit for your product and your business requirements.

Custom Corrugated Packaging Services

Custom Corrugated Consultation

Our corrugated specialists will help identify opportunities for improvement based on your business objectives, whether it be reducing costs, preventing product damage, or supporting sustainability.

CAD Design - Corrugated Packaging
CAD Design

Leverage our engineers’ expertise in computer aided drafting (CAD) to design your packaging before going into production.

Custom Corrugated Eqiupment
State of the Art Equipment

We utilize advanced machinery to quickly and accurately cut parts and inserts for your custom packaging.

Custom Packaging
Rapid Prototyping

Use Crown’s design services to prototype your new, planned solution to ensure it will meet your requirements for quality, product protection, and presentation.

Vibration and Drop Test
Drop and Vibration Testing

We validate the integrity of your custom packaging through drop tests, vibration tests, and other assessments.

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Packaging

Your Partner for Custom Corrugated Solutions

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