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At Crown Packaging, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the best way to showcase the true value of our products and services is through the experiences and stories of those who have trusted us to meet their needs. 

On this page, you’ll find customer case studies and testimonials that provide insights into the real-world impact of our solutions.  Explore short success stories from satisfied customers who have partnered with us to achieve their goals. 

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Customer Success

Massive Material Savings

An industry-leading tools manufacturer was able to achieve massive material savings as a Crown Packaging customer after the company’s dedicated packaging specialist found a film product that ...
Customer Success

Inventory Checks & Speedy Delivery

A leading aerospace manufacturer relies on Crown Packaging to deliver their packaging supplies to facilities across the country.  The company’s dedicated packaging specialist performs weekly inventory ...
Customer Success

Smooth Operations

A major global retailer selected Crown Packaging as a partner support its “Ship from Store” e-commerce program.  The company relays on Crown Packaging to deliver printed ...
Customer Success

Reduce Costs, Simplify Processes

A leading retailer turned to Crown Packaging to help eliminate costs and simplify their packaging operation.  After analyzing their workflow, Crown Packaging’s specialists suggested implementing multi-depth ...
Customer Success

Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency

A leading consumer brand turned to Crown Packaging to help streamline their e-commerce shipping operation.  By implementing automated case sealers, void fill machines, and mailer-on-demand system, ...
Customer Success

Automation & Sustainability

A global leader in the logistics industry chose Crown Packaging as partner to help automate its operation and improve the sustainability of its packaging.  The team ...
Customer Success

Better Inventory Management

A top pharmaceutical producer reduced delays and costs by taking advantage of Crown Packaging’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) program in which a company’s packing & shipping ...
Customer Success

The Supplies You Need When You Need Them

A leading pharmaceutical provider maintains peak performance by leveraging daily deliveries of cold chain supplies (including shape-molded coolers and gel packs) along with cartons, tape, labels, ...
Customer Success

Track Spend and Savings

A leading industrial manufacturer relies on Crown Packaging to not only deliver the supplies they need, but the business insights.  With Crown’s innovative technology tools, the ...
Customer Success

Improved Packaging Quality

A top pharmaceutical manufacturer leveraged Crown Packaging’s automation expertise to improve the bagging of vaccines. The company also enhanced its international shipping operation through a custom ...
Customer Success

Simplified Procurement

A leading laboratory simplifies their procurement process by relying on Crown Packaging to provide a wide range of supplies, including partitions, trays, biohazard & reclosable bags, printed boxes, ...
Customer Success

On-Demand Delivery

A top food distributor selected Crown Packaging as a partner to provide essential supplies including cartons, coolers, gel packs, labels, void fill, tape, and more.  Crown ...

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